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Bear Heads

Visit Bearemy and take the tour – after the tour you’ll be offered the option of going on a quest to find ten hidden bear heads – say yes it’s fun! You’ll receive an exclusive virtual Build-A-Bear tee shirt for your virtual character.

  • Having trouble finding them all? Here you go…….

HIDDEN BEARS! Find your Bear Heads here (updated with locations after the snow melted):

1. Neighborhood Roof
2. Townsquare Roof (now it’s on the blue BABW curtain)
3. Coffee Shop Roof
4. Sportsplex in the snow after racetrack to the right (same location but on the grass now)
5. Paw Park (in the big flower pot)
6. Friendship Forest – by the snowman (behind the bench)
7. Bear University – on roof above the wreath (on the roof above the door)
8. Inside BAB Workshop (on roof of the stuffing box)
9. Inside Pawlett Coufur Boutique (near log off)
10. Outside Pawforming Arts Center. (on the bear topiary)

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