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A New Bear in Town!

April 26, 2011

Yes that’s right there’s a new bear in Townsquare!  Stop by and meet (click on) the Colorful Peace Teddy.  This rainbow colored Teddy is right next to Bearemy and is so happy to meet you!  He’ll tell you to go meet two more bears 1) one in Pawlette’s Coufur Boutique and 2) the other at the Art Studio.

Next, fly over to Pawlette’s in the Fashion District, meet the Colorful Hearts Teddy and start your very own collection of Colorful Friendship items.  This week’s first item is a Rainbow Beret.

Last but not least, go meet another new Colorful Peace Teddy at theentrance to the Art Studio!  You won’t find the Art Studio on the map, it’s in the Bearywood Mall.  Go to the mall, click on the Kiosk in the mall and select Art Studio.

If you haven’t been here before, welcome to the Grand Opening of Abby Brights new Craft Studio!  You will get a new emoticon just by entering.  Check out the new Colorful Canvas game too, Have fun!

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