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Jungle Ruins Animal Adventure

You must have a Furry Friend that you have registered with an Animal ID and Key Code from a birth certificate to enter the Jungle Ruins Quest. When you complete the Quest you will be awarded the Furry Friend Exclusive Item (listed on the Furry Friend page and shown on the Exclusive Item pics page).
  • Click on the Leopard at the Libeary to get started.
  • He will ask if you want to go on an Animal Adventure.
  • Respond yes, and select Jungle Ruins Quest.
  • Follow his instructions and his clues will lead you to a game that you must play to win a gem. Gems will not show up when you have a different Furry Friend with you than when you started the Quest.
  • Find all 10 gems then return to the Leopard, he will ask again, select yes and Jungle Ruins again.
  • See the Cave of Wonders page if you need help there.
JUNGLE RUINS QUEST! UPDATE: This Animal Adventure has been updated with Beta 2.12. You will only need to find 5 out of the 10 gems and gems now show up on the first level of the game!
Check the Clue and Find your Gems here:

  1. Dive Beary Deep. Clue: ‘You will find this gem underwater.’
  2. Run Fur the Stuffing
  3. Bear – 2 – Bear Racing – You have to win to get the gem. Clue: ‘In the midst of very fast moving objects. Race to find this gem’
  4. Bobbing Fur Apples – Level 1 of the game now (previously on level 3), click the gem it’s off in a corner out of the bucket. Clue: ‘Surrounded by yummy red fruit’
  5. Bear Hugs – Level 1 of the game now (previously on level 3), click the gem in the middle, partially covered by a cloud. Clue: ‘This gem will float in the clouds with many bears’
  6. Bears and Pairs in the Libeary – Click the gem it’s under one of the cards in the bottom row
  7. Furbulous Shapes – Gem will show in the bottom right corner in the paw print, be patient it takes some time
  8. Bear – 2- Bear Baseball – You or your opponent have to hit a homerun, or reach a certain score. Clue: ‘Gem is rumored to be located in the shape of a diamond’
  9. Bear – 2- Bear Soccer – Inside the Sportsplex, up the elevator, click on the soccer balls. You must win to get the gem
  10. Pie Eating Contest – You must lose to get the gem If you quit you don’t get the gem
To find out where you are in your Quest :
  1. Go back to the Libeary, select yes, select the Quest you’re on (you’re only option) then it will take you to the Quest host, for Ancient Ruins this would be Purrincess Kitty in the Great Pyramid.
  2. Even easier option: Click on your PDA, the Exclamation Point (!) will tell you where you’re at in your Quest! This was helpful when I wanted to see how many bear heads I found instead of returning to Bearemy too! (NOTE: There is an option to Quit Quest here also, I had to quit the Ancient Ruins Quest – it seems that there’s a glitch when you get the scrolls out of order – this glitch has since been fixed with Beta 2.10)
Rini/Jen also notes: (Several of quests you can just grab the scroll/jewel and quit. Like the third level of Quick Paw, just get it quickly and let the ball fall or quit and you’ll get the credit.)
  • Thanks to Rini/Jen, Bearlover and Kitten and all of you contributing to this summary!
  • Note: General comments, questions or more hints are always welcome – you can post on the Quest page.

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