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Five Days Left to Free the Dragon!

April 18, 2010

Hurry!  You won’t want to miss this quest!  It’s by far one of the loveliest challenges in Build-A-Bearville by far!  You have until April 29th to finish the quest!!

Start by taking the map to the Waterfall Mountain in, click on the pony!

Pony will take you through a fabulous animated story about adventures with the Friendly Dragon.  I’ll post pictures next week so the story book is not spoiled but you’ll want to see this!

Once you accept the quest by answering yes to Pony’s request to free the Dragon from the Castle Dungeon you will be awarded your very own Suit of Armor!

Read very carefully:  there are 10 gems hidden around Build-A-Bearville and around the Castle.  Collect them all by Tuesday April 20 to unlock the dungeon cell and free the Dragon.  Are you a Red Knight or a Blue Knight?  The team with the most members, Red or Blue, who complete the quest by April 20 will earn a special reward ~ so get going!

The riddles are fun to solve but if you’re new you might like some help.  Here you go:

  1. Townsquare
  2. Cave
  3. Maxine’s Cub Condo
  4. Sandy Bear Island Plaza (remember to click the – sign on the map, magnifying glass icon to get there quickly)
  5. Bearemy in Townsquare (this is tricky – click Bearemy then just keep clicking him to get past the welcome message to see your next hint)
  6. Castle Throne Room (go back to Waterfall Mountain and click the Catapult to return to the Castle)
  7. Castle Main Room
  8. Bear University
  9. Coffee Shop
  10. Bearywood Mall

Be sure and click all the ‘Next’ icons to finish the story and get your reward!

The final prize is nice but the ride on Dragon over Build-A-Bearville and a Hug from Dragon was the best reward ever!

Check your BearMail on April 21!  We’ll find out which team of knights earned the most points and gets a bonus award.

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