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Virtual Walk for Autism

April 25, 2009
April is Autism Awareness Month!
The Bearville Insider Virtual Walk for Autism on Saturday, April 25 was at 4:00 pm est. What a blast!
Our April Virtual Walk for Autism will be hosted by  Loveablegirl (BABV name Angelaloveable7). The members of Bearville Insider have been organizing and participating in Virtual Care Walks throughout for some time.  Powered by Bearville Insider volunteer staff and members, the goal of these walks is to come together and participate in a virtual care event for an express purpose.  I hope you join us and continue to volunteer as organizers or participants in these special events.

The objectives for our Virtual Walk for Autism is threefold, as follows:

  • Raise awareness about autism and its challenges.
  • Show support for individuals diagnosed with a form of autism and families with loved ones on the autism spectrum.
  • Allow community members the experience of organizing a Virtual Care event and inspire them to see how they can get involved and make a difference.

The dress code for April Virtual Walk for Autism is purple signifying the purple satin heart available for purchase at Build-A-Bear Workshop!  Your entire $1 donation for the purchase of a purple satin heart will be distributed through the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation to Autism Speaks through April 30!

Below is the date, time, den and course for the April BI Virtual Walk for Autism throughout  To determine the time in other zones, click the time chart link here.

Saturday, April 25, at 4:00 pm eastern time.

Meet and Begin at Sweet Sierra Den, Coffee House
4:00 to 4:15 pm EST

1. Meet and Begin at Coffee Shop 4:00 – 4:15 pm EST
2. 4:15 Start
3. Fashion District,
4. (take arrow right to) Pawforming Art Center,
5. (take top arrow up to) Bear University,
6. (take right arrow to) Sportsplex,
7. Neighborhood,
8. (take bottom arrow to) Paw Park,
9. Friendship Forest Park,
10. (take right arrow to) Entrance,
11. Path,
12. Farm,
13. Cave,
14. Sunshines Shores Cave,
15. Sunshine Shores,
16. Pawsitively Green Center. Virtual Walks started with a walk for cancer in June when our YellowRoseofTexas (BABV: MiriamStar) asked, Why can’t we have a cancer walk? It would be wonderful to show our support for all cancers.  We could wear different color t-shirts, like purple for ovarian cancer, blue for prostrate cancer, pink and gold and so forth.  Since then, our walks for cancer, kennel pals and now autism have been organized by members of Bearville Insider, with staff assistance, to offer our members the experience of organizing such events.
To be a virtual walker you’ll need to sign up for an account at Membership is free.  Citizens create their own characters – called avatars – by choosing skin color, hair style and fashion style as well as bring your furry friend to life online.  Build-A-Bearville was created by Build-A-Bear Workshop, which sells customizable bears and other stuffed animals online and in stores.
For more info, to become a member of Bearville Insider or to ask questions please click the link HERE
  1. clarissadiva10 permalink
    April 26, 2009 3:30 pm

    I was there,it was really fun:)

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