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New April Furry Friends!

April 7, 2009

Five (5) new furry friends were introduced online to Buildabearville today!  They are available to pick from when you have a “Furry Choice”!

The Furry Friend Pics and list of psi’s has been updated on the blog!  Click Virtual Gifts & Wallpaper in the header for a menu of pages or  CLICK HERE! to see the rest.


Furry Friend Virtual Gift also called Pet Special Item (PSI)
169 Scottie Dog
Plaid kilt, hat and black jacket with white shirt
168 Pteratadon Nest with Eggs
167 Flamingo Flamingo Mask
166 Humbolt Penguin ?Tuxedo?
165 King Penguin Tuxedo

The Furry Friend Hall of Fame only shows the King Penguin and the Flamingo virtual gifts.



This picture is actually a pic of the Chilly Cheeks Penguin and the tuxedo that comes with it.

The tuxedo that comes with the King Penguin hpicture-163as a red cumberbun and red pocket square, has white cuffs showing and is unbuttoned.

The pteratadon comes with the nest with eggs.


The Scottie comes with a Scottish outfit.

picture-202picture-211Kilt not shown!


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