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New Virtual Party Perks

March 24, 2009

New Virtual Party gifts have been added to the selection of party favors you and your guests will receive when having a Birthday Party at Buildabear Workshop!

gifttag1A new backpack tag has been added to the mix that includes a code!

As shown, the backpack (or luggage) tag is cut at the ‘folds’  and can be separated easily to hook onto a chain.

The picture on the reverse side is the screen shot of Chloe Rocks in Buildabearville when you first open up!

When the code is entered at the virtual Buildabear Workshop, in Town Square of, the recipient will have a choice of 3 items, a party balloon hat, a party emoticon or a party horn move.

The emoticon in the middle is very cute!

This lil guy puts on a big grin and shoots party streamers from both sides.



picture-14The Party Horn Move


AlexB and his party balloon hat!




Choices of party favors also include a mouse pad picture-222or puzzle that each include a code for a virtual party tee shirt for your online character along with other party favors that do not include codes.

Be sure and let your party coordinator know if you have a preference for which party favors they will distribute to your party guests. They are usually selected based on age and you may not get the favors with virtual codes unless you specify them. More info on birthday parties at Buildabear can be found at the website

  1. alexb1094 permalink
    March 24, 2009 3:41 pm

    cool thats me!!!!

  2. March 24, 2009 5:51 pm

    Hey Freya 🙂 .

    About the cotton…darn! I’m going the day before 😦 . I’ll go on Friday then.

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