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Furry Friend Pics and PSI List Pages Updated!

March 22, 2009

I’ve updated the Pics of Furry Friends and List of PSi’s!  Click the tab at the top of the page to get to ‘Virtual Gifts and Wallpaper’ the click the links to the two pages or use the menu side bar to get to the updated pages.  Links are in this post also!

  • Did you see someone with a furry friend in Bearville that you might like to have?  Or do you get to choose a furry friend to bring to life online?  You can use the PICTURES of ALL Furry Friends page to help you choose the animal that you want.
  • Trying to decide what bear to buy on your next shopping trip to Buildabear Workshop and you want to know what the virtual gift is psi (pet special item) for each bear?  You can use the LIST of Furry Friend Gifts (PSIs) the look it up.

The Virtual gifts and Wallpaper pic updates are in progress too.

Right click your mouse to open the links in a new tab or hit the HOME button to get back to this post after viewing.


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