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Take Me Out to the Ballgame…..

March 20, 2009

….Take me out to the Crowd!

Yes folks spring time is almost here and Baseball is on my mind along with, it seems, the team at BuildABear Workshop!  Please let me introduce my new Baseball Bunny and Play by Play Pup!

picture-461 picture-471

Baseball Bunny’s psi (pet special item / virtual gift) is 4 Bases that you can place in your backyard for a quick game of baseball or softball with your friends! Play by Play Pup can announce the game as you play from the Announcer’s desk that is his psi!

Both furry friends come with baseball wallpaper when you bring them to life online.



Want to see more cool Baseball themed items?!  Check out JaoCybearguide’s Cub Condo!  He has a Baseball Chair, a Pink Baseball Pennant and a Baseball Glove Chair in his main room!  These items will be available from the new 2009 Ballpark bears!  Stay tuned for more info!



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