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Bearville Outfitter Credits and Trading!

March 19, 2009

As posted yesterday all items purchased from the new Bearville Outfitters store are blocked from being traded.  The folks at Buildabear Workshop are working as we write to update that policy and open Avatar clothing and furniture to trading – just like it was with the ‘ole Bear Boutique items.  Maxine posted this update on the Bearville Insider forum, (

Where do you get Bearville Outfitter Credits?

With each purchase of each item from the Buildabear Workshop you will receive 1 credit per item purchase.  Enter the receipt code at the virtual Buildabear Workshop in Town Square along with your Stuff fur Stuff number to receive credits and bearbills, just click Champ behind the counter!

You can also purchase credits directly at a Buildabear Workshop or online (wow, credits are even more expensive than Playstation Home clothing and articles)

Remember, you also get 1 credit from the receipt code from your purchase of credits!  Don’t forget the receipt code credits!!



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